Thursday, May 27, 2004

                            w a             zz                    
                          bryo s            aded       r m        
                           socie           wer co       t      s 
                        ers nil              urtiv                
                         itate               ves scr                 
                        ning w               metro wor                  
                        llar o               jumpers w                  
           u           began    r            dered waive       e        
          wort         ells liquo            ore august  r c   l        
           fe          ink women a           s posses ti l d f x        
   i     examp         marked wri           ones free t   k             
   squ     o           ang desktop          t proves ta  ed             
  wides                 nday laid          r beneath e    s            
   merge         p      er lived yi l       s aut                    
   toggle       tras     arm swiftly jo                            
 killed wr      ateu     nds glowing vali           e              
 ttle yield    red au   crazy pooling to          title              
 mph exams     ks ma      writing    o             ets              
 lts tackles   stal      ed assum                   ven              
 cs prayers  hrust         age           s v        p              
  ones pai t  vict         t pe        ue dr          rs           
 swan       wreck a        lb         els book          unin       
 less       l nyse       y burn        ing w n ow      either     
 rs p     victory co d p pper u       doct    secre    eward sk  
 l pla  a trends faced   ck lear     ells     rbs b    deals rea 
 ons  t tch many wron     ke ble     ttin    ings gr    victory   
  rd  e  units d lla        "retu    slo      haps       d ses s   


Blogger Howdy said...

have you seen the flame shape poem in DaDaDa? Yours looks more flame-like, though --

Catherine Daly

11:05 PM  
Blogger Jukka-Pekka Kervinen said...

No I haven't (yet). I am just now working
with a list of books I am going to order soon
and 'DaDaDa' is there. I look forward to see !
These 'flame-poems' are actually cellular
automata, a system based on interaction of
(independent) cells and rules of their behaving.

Totally deterministic, no randomness !

8:09 PM  

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